Argentina: the announcements of the cierres record the activities in the car registration

El Gobier expected him to be 40 years old for the established values.

04/05/2024 20:09

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When the Gobier announces a 40% of losses Registros de la Propiedad AutomotorThe gremio announced a total time indefinitely.

“There is no recudación ninguna para girar. “La medida abarca a todos los Registros Seccionales y sus trabajadores registrales”and in communication with the Directive of the Registry of Propiedad Automotor.

“When it comes to public expenditure, it concerns part of the RR.SS (Registros Seccionales), the registrations that communicate, that look at the conditions that are still labor intensive and that want to prove the RR.SS, He has decided that these activity records have seized the Ministerio de Justicia and the DDHH conference so far,” informs the gremio.

The start of the activities starts on May 6 at 8:30 am, if the trabajadores are indicated it will take longer to establish a dialogue with the national authorities of Gobier.

“And this marco, there is no recaudación to say this Ministerio. La medida abarca all los Registros Seccionales en sus trabajadores registrales en toda la República Argentina,” the communication said.

“And this is the absolute certainty that the Ministry of Justice and the Derechos Humanos provide a lot and answer to the secure legal registration of the citizens, that it is a condition to introduce a dialogue with new people,” indicates the signal .

If you have left the DNU of a national country, you may have a new car digital car car company, which functions remotely, accessible and standard, a day when you can sell this square, the Ministry de Justicia de la Nación, depending on the National Registro of the Automotor and Afines Directorate (Dnrpa), all the public facilities that depend on a certain direction, algunas of the cuales through the immediate application.

If you generally experience difficulties in decisions that affect the registers as a dependency on these matters, in practice with many problems and costs, and in the registration system in your structure, with processes that allow you to continue the more profound transformation after all.

Most of the size of the decision on 40% of current car registrations means that there are 620 dependencies if the data from 1,554 registrations is on the whole country.

While most people are actually intervening and conducting process controls, more and more people have started and others have taken over Javier Milei’s leadership.

In all these directions, the decision is made to reduce the personal direction of the car engine management by 30%, while a marco is used as the offer of voluntary retirees and expected anniversaries.

These are the foundations of the reform of the car registration system, which the President followed during his electoral campaign, and which redefines car registration as “political party” and part of the “cast we live” Estado”.

Reducing the number of years that establish a logic of public gas management and budget balance management, and you can consider the first step to finally achieve the goal that you can completely complete and reset on a herramiente digital remote control.

This is in addition to other announcements on the next resolution, which stipulates that the holders of the sections of the registers will bear 100% of our operational costs, allowing you to influence the effective effect of your product and your product. Justicia currently retains control over the cost structure of registrations.