Murió Javier Martínez, member of Manal and pioneer of the blues in Argentina

Murió Javier Martínez, member of Manal and pioneer of the blues in Argentina

This sábado, the music in Argentina has acquired a new history: Murio Javier Martínez, member of Manal and figure of national rock. The music of 78 years ago became a caída in your home that continued to go further and remain international. Much is confirmed by the music herman, artists and exbateristas.

“Lamento informarles que mi hermano ha fallecido hoy. Mañana Domingo May 5 between 4 and 7 p.m. and la Casa Guerrieri, Av. Forest 900, lo acompañaremos en su viaje a la eternidad por siempre y para siempre”, describe Dora, on the Facebook artist.

In the publication, as a word from Martínez: “’Cuando uno no tene más nada que decir, comienza el viaje de callar’”. One of the first personas to leave Antonio Birabent has made a post on his official Instagram. “Javier Martinez. Inventor of the Argentinian blues, murió hoy. Recordaremos su voz, su resa, su humor, su cultura, su dichos y el swing de sus palos acariciando los tontones”, description of the artist.

Quién fue Javier Martínez

Javier Martínez made an Argentinian music recording in Buenos Aires on February 20, 1946. The most important thing is that you can use the battery and the bandana, one of the pioneers of Argentine rock. The band became the media of the 1960s and disappeared because of its style of blues rock and its social criticism.

Martínez (battery and voz) and Claudio Gabis (guitar) are dealing with the media of the 60s while comparing a music salad. The young music takes place in a “happening” by Di Tella. This is one of the things that sparked other people’s ideas. There are many problems to sort out. During the project Alejandro Medina, a bajista you can experience with the experience of the group The Seasons.

“No pibe”, “Jugo de tomate frío”, “Para ser un hombre más”, “No hay tiempo de más” and “El León”, and many other people, who have the three canciones that are brilliant for their son, the first steps in the interest in the blues. También tenen cierto air tanguero in the mensaje of its letras.

La experiencia duro poco. Come between 1967 and 1971. In 1980 an important event was celebrated in a discotheque. Now, the new generations, more and more fans have the opportunity to spread a material that came to life in 2014 and that would play a big role “Vivo and Red House”. You can rely on a library of photos and details about the band’s history. The company Corcho Rodríguez has a luego juntar of 34 years ago.

“The problem of a large production company is that the three friends who follow their caminos are rejected. No stages since the other manera ya que hay mucho talento”, he talks to Javier Martínez at La Viola en de lanzamiento de la obra. Many people have seen the final of Manal, but there are rumors of a bad relationship between the integrants, but the singing and the battery are negative: “Son leyendas urbanas, la amistad entre nosotros no se perdió”.