American protesters try to pressure the IDF, Afghan-style

In 2021, President Joe Biden brought the Afghan National Army to its knees by cutting off all logistical assistance to it even as he withdrew U.S. troops from every single location in Afghanistan. What followed was a human rights disaster, as the country was again taken over by the Taliban, much in the same way as had happened under President Clinton’s watch in 1996. Within days of Biden’s withdrawal, all the lives and treasure that US spending in Afghanistan since 2001 went to waste. Within Afghanistan, those who believed in the reliability of the US as a security partner were condemned by President Biden’s surrender to the Taliban. Many faced executions, imprisonment and other horrors.

To this day, American citizens remain missing in Afghanistan, several of whom are believed dead. Those who survive would go through hell for believing in heresies, such as equal rights for women, or the right to freely practice a faith or profession. Even Bagram Air Base was surrendered and is now considered an effective occupation of the security forces of the People’s Republic of China. If National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan were to look into the backgrounds of several American citizens who advised the White House that fleeing Afghanistan was a good idea, he might discover that the same people have asked to meet with the American president in recent days. demands from the protesters rocking campuses across the country, including that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) be brought to its knees by withdrawing US support, as the Afghan National Army had been three years ago.

There is no doubt that what we are seeing in Gaza is a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. Destruction and death inevitably follow in the wake of the IDF’s attempts to eliminate Hamas’s military capacity. Similarly, past US military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq resulted in massive civilian casualties. The same human tragedy has unfortunately been taking place in Gaza since the IDF launched its operation to eliminate the military wing of Hamas. This is a goal that should have been achieved in 2005, or at the latest by 2007, once Hamas’s way of ruling over the people of Gaza became clear. Successive Israeli regimes ignored the danger to Israel that was gathering strength before their eyes, even as they sought to diminish and weaken the Palestinian Authority (PA), the sole legal authority on the entire territory of the Palestinian state. The expectation that the PA would be the lapdog of the Israeli government, humiliating it for its refusal to accept such a lowly status, steadily pushed back Palestinians committed to violence and even Israel’s elimination. came to grips with those who believed in living life. peacefully side by side with the Jewish state.

Nearly all students on American campuses who have participated in the protests against Israel have done so out of disgust at the images shown of women and children killed in the fighting in Gaza. However, outsiders who have joined real protesters have an agenda, and this is to get President Biden to repeat his 2021 Afghanistan blunder in Israel. In the past, especially in the 1960s, there were numerous student protests on American campuses. These resulted from issues such as the Vietnam War or apartheid in South Africa. The US at the time was militarily committed to fighting the Vietnam War and rallying the youth for the same, while even in the 1960s, apartheid policies against African Americans were being pursued in some US states. Gaza is a different proposition.

An extremist group took control of the enclave in 2005 and remained unchallenged until launching a terror attack on Israel on October 7, 2023 that made a strong kinetic response from the IDF inevitable. The sooner the IDF’s campaign against Hamas’s military wing ends, the better. In the meantime, the White House must avoid throwing the IDF under the bus after the precedent in Afghanistan. Those in favor of 2021 have also been in favor of the US ending all aid to the IDF. Such a common view comes as no surprise to those who have charted the way democracies have been overrun by their enemies in ways designed to weaken their domestic resilience and international credibility.