Argentina has achieved 20 points in the ranking of export countries

Saturday, May 4, 2024


On the last 40 years, Argentina ranks among world exporters from 33 to 55 years, in a different position than that series exists. I have revealed a recent informant from Marcelo Elizondo, president of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Argentina.

Which implies that the país brought a total of 0.47% of global exports in 1983 to 0.27% in 2023. The medicines have been realized in 5 years, while the country already has sufficient caídas and recoveries a number of years ago: in 2003 he was ranked 52nd in the rankings, for a number of years later he recovered positions and became 46th in 2013.

One of the factors that one thinks about the cambios and the ranking is the comparison of new países or that other figures come that make relevant export products not relevant, the cambios in their offer or the apparación the information that alkanes have no brindaban.

Entre los países that are superaron in Argentina and the rankings include Irlanda, Israel, Qatar, Chile, Turkey, Thailand, Portugal, Vietnam, Malaysia, Kazajstan, Omán and Romania.

While Elizondo has the motivation to work in other countries, production is removed from estrategic sectors or international integration purchases, and many of the key features of their competitive positions are. You can offer an exportable offer to open several international companies and a trader that crosses international companies, which create local conditions to favor the salida on the outside. Finally, “an oriented economy was marketed or called upon the relevant international companies”.

In view of Elizon, to reach the position that took ten years, Argentina will increase sales more than 55% in 2023 (a sign of the consequences of the next period). It would amount to an amount of 105,000 million dollars.

For this month, Elizondo has developed a series of great stories that cannot be expected and that guarantee the vitality of the institutions (the propaedeutic phase, secured jurisdiction and financial security, counter-cumplimiento and legal principles to resolve controversies); Restoring macroeconomic balance and increasing logistics capacity.

It exudes the fact that the entorno regulator is concerned with guiding innovation productivity and most of it; create an economic, political and productive environment that facilitates production planning; In general, there is an international architecture that increases access to products and conducts its business activities in external markets.

Fuente: Ambito