Primera Nacional: San Martín and All Boys empatan in La Ciudadela

Saturday May 4, 2024, 8:46 PM

From 7:40 PM, in La Ciudadela, San Martín defends its lugar in the zone of the Primera Nacional

Hoy es sábado y en la Ciudadela juega El Santo. From 19:40 (broadcast by TyC Sports), San Martín de Tucumán All Boys was broadcast before he started his career with the aim of prolonging his triumphal march, in the field of his region and big metas.

El Santo has established a farming business and has not played a single consecutive match. In zone A, the equipment of the Traductor Diego Flores is a member of 27 points. El Santo goes to a house and manages his position.

The Traductor talks to the various young adults and San Martín formaria with Darío Sand, Gonzalo Bettini, Thiago Peñalba, Agustín Dattola, Diego Mastrángelo, Nahuel Banegas; Gustavo Abregú, Leonardo Monge, Juan Cuevas; Lautaro Fedele and Junior Arias.

Pablo Hernández’s match, while you get the chance between the supplements, is the big innovation. If you notice the latter results due to a contracture, Pablo Hernández share part of the list. The mediocampista who plays at Atlético, and who retires at the club of what this is, can take a few minutes, a unique bank of supplements, which has no title. If you are among the citados, you must do this Nicholas “Chuni” Moreno.

The integrators of All Boys were Lisandro Miter, Hernán Grana, Alejo Tavares, Jonathan Ferrari, Tobías Bovone, Santiago Gallucci, Alexis Melo, Santiago Patroni, Alexis Vega, Matías Assennato and Agustín Gallo under the leadership of César Monasterio.

San Martín de Tucumán receives confirmation for its debut in the Copa Argentina.

After confirming the people’s negative reaction to the doubts about the match, San Martín can establish a horario to join Almirante Brown and Santa Fe for the Copa Argentina.

The encuentro tends to play 15 of these years in the Estadio Brigadier General López, propiedad de Colón. During the organization of the Copa Argentina, the match starts at 5:15 PM. The seller of this series takes place in the round of 16 finals.

In this way, the “santo” tends to follow an agenda in subsequent years. The próximo sábado 11 is a visit to Tristán Suárez at 3:30 PM, and only later does the Copa Argentina match start. After the end of the season on May 17, now in the Primera Nacional, there is no confirmation of the day and the horario. /La Gaceta

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