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The Daniel Ortega regime is one of the most brutal and repressive regimes in Latin America, with Nicaragua becoming infamous for its brutal and often deadly suppression of any form of dissent, from student protesters to the free press and the Roman Catholic Church . even the country’s first-ever Miss Universe winner.

As the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights described the situation, her investigation found that Nicaragua under Daniel Ortega committed crimes against humanity against civilians, including children and students. All this for his own political purposes, with Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, aiming to remain in power indefinitely, by any means necessary.

The many human rights violations under the Daniel Ortega regime in Nicaragua

The marital dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has been rejected by the US and EU, as well as by the UN and several human rights organizations. It has been described by Ortega’s critics as a humanitarian crisis, with many fleeing to other countries such as Costa Rica and the US so they would be safer. It also encourages mass migration from Nicaragua, which remains one of the poorest countries in Latin America. Here are five ways Nicaragua is violating the human rights of its people:

Protests and religious processions are not allowed

Since the 2018 protests, Nicaragua has banned any form of protest, and it got so bad that even going around the streets without the Nicaraguan flag was banned unless it was a rally for Ortega. This was also extended to religious processions, as an escalation of Ortega’s feud with the Roman Catholic Church.

Arbitrary arrests and detentions

Speaking of the feud with the Catholic Church, Nicaragua’s arrest of Ortega critic and Matagalpa Bishop Rolando Alvares remains one of the most high-profile cases of arbitrary arrests and detentions in all of Nicaragua. Critics, or even those who spoke badly about the government, are arbitrarily detained and subjected to unfair trials, sending people to one of the worst and most inhumane prison systems on earth.

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Lack of rights for indigenous peoples

According to Amnesty International, apart from the Catholic Church, indigenous peoples are one of the groups most targeted by the Ortega government, with many of their leaders targeted by arbitrary arrests and unfair trials.

Stripping Daniel Ortega critics of their citizenship

This is something unique to the Ortega regime, as the Nicaraguan government often strips its citizens of their citizenship as a form of punishment. Bishop Alvarez, several prominent opposition figures and exiled critics have all been stripped of their citizenship, as Human Rights Watch has noted.

Lack of freedom of religion

Ortega’s feud with not only the Catholic Church and indigenous people, but also with Protestant churches has led to religion being virtually banned in Nicaragua.

Under the regime, several NGOs and charities associated with various churches, whether Catholic or Protestant, have been closed. He also kicked out Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity and seized the country’s largest university, which was run by the Jesuits.

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