Fundraiser held for Miguel Luna, fifth construction worker from the Key Bridge wreckage

BALTIMORE — The family and friends of the fifth construction worker whose body was recovered from the wreckage site of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, Miguel Luna, held a fundraiser at his food truck in Anne Arundel County today.

The food truck was owned by Miguel and his wife, Carmencita Luna. It was their dream that they worked very hard to make it come true. Now they’re trying to keep that dream and Miguel’s legacy alive.

It’s been an agonizing five weeks for Miguel Luna’s family since he was one of the six construction workers killed in the Francis Scott key bridge collapse. Salvage teams finally recovered the 49-year-old’s body on Wednesday.

“A lot of sadness and a lot of waiting. It’s been hard, very hard,” Ester Perez, Miguel Luna’s stepdaughter, said.

WJZ spoke with Luna’s stepdaughter, Ester, Saturday at the family’s authentic Latin food truck in Glen Burnie. Family and friends held the fundraiser in his honor, collecting donations to help support his wife and three children.

Originally from El Salvador, Luna lived in Maryland for nearly 20 years.

Ester said they felt blessed to have support from the community during this time.

“I just want to say he was a hero to the community, and for us. Also, back in our country he was a hero too,” Perez said.

“I mean my husband is the best man in the world.” Carmen said grievously. “Work hard for your wife, for your kids.”

Governor Wes moored said in a statement on Wednesday, “our number one directive is to bring dignified closure and comprehensive support to all of the families of the victims of the Key Bridge collapse. We will continue our relentless search to recover every victim.”