Jake and Callum Robinson: Baja California prosecutor’s office confirms three bodies found ‘with a high degree of probability’ match missing surfers | International

The Baja California prosecutor’s office announced Saturday that the three bodies found, all near the area where three foreign surfers disappeared last week, “with a high degree of probability” correspond to the two Australian youths and an American. The prosecutor, Maria Elena Andrade Ramirez, reported that certain physical characteristics and clothing remnants make them almost certain it is them. However, she expected the bodies to be in an advanced state of decomposition and final forensic tests would take several more days.

The Australian brothers Callum and Jake Robinson and the American Jack Carter Road went missing on April 27 in Punta San José, near Ensenada. The three bodies were found on Friday in a well, a few kilometers away from where they were last seen. “Due to the clothing and certain characteristics, such as long hair, and some specific physical descriptions, we have a high probability that these are the surfers reported missing,” Andrade said. The public prosecutor reported on Thursday that during the search, blood and teeth were found near the tent where the three surfers slept. The car they were driving was burned.

Authorities have already arrested two men and a woman who were discovered with the cell phone of one of the three missing youths. “We have already made significant progress. A team is currently working at the location where they were last seen,” the prosecutor said.

Members of a rescue team work at a site where three bodies were found in La Bocana.Francisco Javier Cruz (REUTERS)

Last Wednesday, the brothers’ mother, Debra Robinson, took to social media to appeal for help locating her sons, who had embarked on a trip to surf the waves of Baja California with their friend Jack Carter the previous Thursday. “I am contacting anyone who has seen my two sons. They have not been in contact with us since Saturday, April 27,” she wrote on the Facebook page Talk Baja, where 120,000 members issued travel advisories in the border state with the United States.

The woman’s biggest concern was that her son Callum, 33, has diabetes and needs medication. He works in San Francisco as a lacrosse player. His brother Jake, 30, had visited him from Perth, the Australian city where they both came from. Together with Jack Carter, they had made the two-hour journey from the United States to Ensenada in their Chevrolet Colorado with California license plates, number 70189W1, according to their mother’s information. When they disappeared last Saturday, they had a reservation for a vacation home in Rosarito.

The news had a significant impact in Australia. A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed that consular assistance was being provided to the family. What most concerned the friend of one of the young men who spoke to ABC Radio Perth was that the Robinson brothers did not post on social media after their disappearance: “Part of the concern is that they had traveled across the United States and reports about their journey quite regularly until the weekend.”

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