Anti-Semitism on campus is the most dangerous form

Five years ago, Congress declared white supremacists and other far-right extremists as the top domestic terrorism threat facing the United States.

Now it’s fair to say that the greatest danger to the well-being of many Americans comes from the far-left intelligentsia on the country’s supposedly elite and enlightened college campuses.

Students and professors who pledge solidarity with anti-Israel university protesters spewing vile anti-Semitism are nurturing the roots of what could grow into a broad and extreme hate movement.

It is possible to condemn the policies of the United States and Israel and not be an anti-Semite. It is possible to support the Palestinians and not hate the Jews. But those who shout, “Death to the Jews, death to the Zionists,” block Jewish students from university buildings and attack them physically or verbally simply because they are Jewish, and bear the blame for anti-Semitism.

Blaming Jews in America for Israel’s actions is classic anti-Semitism, and that is what underlies many of the pro-Palestinian protests. Too many protesters want not only the elimination of Israel, but also the reduction of Jewish influence in this country.

In that respect, these Kampus Klansmen have a lot in common with the white supremacist groups that Congress warned us about. They wear keffiyehs instead of white hoods and sheets, but they send the same message to the Jews: we don’t want you here.

The danger of anti-Semitism becoming systemic on campuses is real. Will negotiations with the demonstrators lead to ceilings on Jewish enrollment? Will Jewish professors have to renounce their faith and spiritual homeland to get accepted to top schools? Will Calls for Divestment in Israel Exclude Jewish-Led Companies from Campus Collaborations?

Universities must act deliberately to cleanse their campuses of all traces of anti-Semitism, just as they would to eradicate all elements of racism. It is the same.

Students who are guilty of violence and vandalism must be excluded. Let them enroll in community colleges, where they won’t be such a burden on taxpayers when President Joe Biden orders us to pay off their student loans.

Professors who participate in illegal acts and protect demonstrators from the police must be punished. The same goes for those who weave anti-Semitic propaganda into their courses. A term of office should not protect them from the consequences of breaking the law or sowing hatred.

Some of those who helped organize the demonstrations and expressed support for Israel’s destruction and threats of violence against Jews are here on visas. United States immigration law allows for the deportation of non-citizens who provide material support to terrorist groups. Hamas is a designated terrorist organization. Actions that undermine US support for Israel in its effort to destroy Hamas should be considered material support for the terrorists.

Anti-Semitism should not prevail on campuses. There, among the country’s educated class and next generation of leaders, the situation is most dire.

Jews have always been on the front lines of the civil rights struggle in this country. They were also among the most generous supporters of liberal academia. They must not see the ideals and institutions they fought for turn against them.

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